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Welcome to the Member's Only section where I keep all my secret stash of courses and info. As I evolve and roll out things I want to share, this space too will evolve and change. So bear with me and a big THANK YOU for valuing this service.....

Where do I start?

Well, congratulations because you ALREADY have! The first step is the hardest and I am here to hold you to that original intention you set out with. 

Change is hard, but the rewards are worth it. I promise.



How would you treat your Ferrari if you owned one?

How would you treat your Ferrari if you owned one?

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My personality is by nature, an Enneagram Type 8 with a 7 wing. 

Understanding this helps me stay within a healthy spectrum. 

A simple search will find you an Enneagram test to complete and see which type you are and how you can leverage this for your learning. 


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I am here to answer your questions no matter how much you think they sound silly! 
I will endeavour to respond within the week. 

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